This Mass Effect Andromeda Mod Lets You Fly Without Any Restrictions

Mass Effect Andromeda launched earlier this year with mixed reception from fans and critics alike. However, many gamers consider that Ryder was not up to par to fill in the shoes of Commander Shepard but, one PC fan has found a way to make the game more interesting by implementing a Mass Effect Andromeda mod that let players fly like Iron Man.

However, Mass Effect Andromeda already have jetpacks so, it is not much of a stretch but the jetpacks only provided a limited boost in the air. But, with this Mass Effect Andromeda mod players will be able to streak across the sky. This Mass Effect Andromeda mod disables map boundaries and fatal falls allowing players to fly around to their heart’s content. However, with this mod environmental hazards do exist so, players will have to exercise caution while flying around.

Also, Bioware has teased Platinum difficulty for Mass Effect Andromeda’s multiplayer component with a new trailer. The trailer is very brief and only teases that Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer will be receiving a new Platinum difficulty level and also indicates that Batarians will be joining in the fight.

The reason why the Platinum difficulty is a thing is that it was the highest level of challenge in Mass Effect 3 with mostly elite enemies coming at the player.

Also, according to a report, Mass Effect franchise has been put on ICE for the time being. The report suggests that Bioware Montreal, Mass Effect Andromeda’s developer, has been turned into a support studio.

However, this does not mean that there won’t be another game in Mass Effect franchise but, the studio will let the series sit for a while rather than working on the next iteration immediately.

Mass Effect Andromeda is an action-adventure RPG developed by Bioware for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.