Hearthstone Midsummer Fire Festival Brawl Goes Live, Get Your Special Emote

The Midsummer Fire Festival is a seasonal world event that celebrates the hottest time of the year in World of Warcraft. Now, the Hearthstone community can be part of the festivities as well.

The new Tavern Brawl features Ragnaros, the Firelord, or at least a mini version of the powerful elemental being. He sits on the board and switches side at every turn to damage the opposition.

The “Mini-Rag” is immune to all damage and cannot be controlled by players. However, he can be fed minions to increase his total damage. At the start of the game, Ragnaros will have only two attack and three health. Increasing his damage means additional pummeling for the opponent in the next turn. You do not necessarily have to land powerful minions to win a game. Just let the Firelord do the job for you.

That being said, there is an incentive for players to keep a match going for as long as possible. Feeding enough minions to Ragnaros will upgrade the “wow” emote by adding fireworks. There are three different tiers in this regard. Players must feed eight minions to the Firelord to unlock level one of the emote, thirty minions for level two, and sixty minions for level three.

The Midsummer Fire Festival will require players to build their own decks, which includes cards from the Wild format. Take note that the special event will last for two weeks, which is longer in comparison to the usual brawls. In addition, any quests completed during this duration will net double the gold value.

Blizzard is expected to announce the next expansion pack for Hearthstone later this week, which is scheduled to release sometime next month. Whatever gold players are able to amass now will be certainly helpful in buying as many card packs as possible when the new content becomes available.