Four New Runes Previewed for League of Legends, Designed For “Impact”

Following the announcement in May, Riot Games has begun unveiling details regarding the “Runes Reforged” initiative for League of Legends.

Posting on the official forum earlier today, technical game designer Riot Reinboom previewed four new upcoming Runes that will prove to be decisive in different forms of gameplay styles. Some of these borrow from the existing system, while others have been designed from scratch to offer more diversity.

Under offensive is Bloodlust, which restores 15 percent missing health after every successful take-down. There is also Ruined King’s Tribute, which does splash damage to nearby targets after every four seconds in combat. It is based on a fixed percentage of the wielder’s maximum health and in addition, heals as well.

Adaptive is a new keyword that is being introduced for League of Legends. A Rune labelled as such will adapt to the champion and in-game build to provide flexibility when it comes to damage scaling off ability power or vice versa.

“If a Rune offers Adaptive Attack Damage or Ability Power, it will grant you one or the other based on whichever of Attack Damage or Ability Power you have more of within your items (defaulting to the stat listed first),” explained the developer.

Perfectionist is the first Rune in that regard, providing bonus Attack Damage or Ability Power (based on criteria) while the player is above 80 percent health.

Finally, there is Magical Footwear. Players will not be able to purchase boots at the start of the game but will be provided a free pair at the ten-minute mark. These are imbued with +10 movement speed, allowing wearers to invest in other aspects for the early-game.

The Runes Reforged update is scheduled for release in November, around the pre-season period. However, Riot Games hopes to push it out to the Public Beta Environment (PBE) as soon as possible for precious feedback and testing.