Explaining the Suicide Molotov Strategy in Counter-Strike

During the first day of ESL Cologne, something unique happened in the Counter-Strike match between Natus Vincere and Team Liquid that requires explaining.

In the second round of Inferno, Peter “stanislaw” Jarguz threw a molotov to delay Na’Vi from pushing from the middle. Rather than wait for the fire to extinguish or double back, the entire team jumped right into the flames on purpose and burned to death. This gave the professional Canadian Counter-Strike player a memorable ace but the intentional deaths from the side of Na’Vi had a purpose.

Team Liquid won the first round, meaning that it had enough cash to purchase sub-machine guns. The players of Na’Vi on the other hand had to resort to another round with pistols in order to save up for their weapon upgrade. They knew that their Glock-18 pistols would stand little chance against the sub-machine guns of Liquid. Hence, they capitilized on the situation and jumped into the molotov flames to minimize the bonus money.

Kills attained from a sub-machine gun account for $600 each, while those from grenades offer only half. Multiplying that by five for each weapon becomes $3,000 for sub-machine guns and $1,500 for grenades. In other words, Na’Vi was aware of its diminished chances of winning the second round. It chose to place its faith in the next round, while at the same time making sure that the players of Liquid did not get the bonus money.

In addition, the move isolated all the money to just one player and prevented the possibility of Liquid purchasing double AWP sniper rifles to defend key routes.

This strategy for the Counter-Strike economy was first performed by G2 Esports against North during the finals of the fifth season of the ESL Pro League last month. However, in that case, only three players purposely burned to death. This is the first time that an entire team went down in flames.