Bungie Releases Information On Destiny 2 Social Space, “The Farm”

The Destiny 2 social space couldn’t be more different from the first one if it tried; rather than being in a tower overlooking a city, it’s on a small farming village in the middle of the wilderness. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s not going to be anything to do there.

Players will be finding themselves on The Farm after the intro level of Destiny 2, where the Last City is attacked and sacked by the Cabal’s Red Legion army. With their powers suppressed and the Traveler in enemy hands, the Guardians of the City must work to take the fight back to the Cabal and drive them off of Earth.

However, the Destiny 2 social space isn’t going to be all doom and gloom. Much like the Tower, the place will hold everything necessary to a Guardian, along with a few new ways for players to have fun in between missions.

For instance, there will still be a Cryptarch representative (Master Rahool being gone the job will go to Tyra Karn from Felwinter Peak), there will still be a Postmaster, and Guardians will be able to play soccer with one another with actual nets and a field. So now you can once again kick a ball around to your heart’s content.

The Farm will also evolve as players progress through the story of Destiny 2; more characters will arrive over the course of the game, people will come and go, and the space will begin to feel more homey, similar to the way the Tower did.

We’ll likely be getting a small taste of the Destiny 2 social space when the betas start later this month, before we get to experience the whole thing when the game launches on September 3 (for Xbox One and Playstation 4) and October 24 (for the PC crowd). We’ll likely be seeing more Destiny 2 information in the near future.