Xbox One X Update Screen Shown Off On Mike Ybarra’s Twitter Page

Mike Ybarra of Xbox has shown off the Xbox One X update screen on his Twitter page, and unsurprisingly it looks fairly unchanged from the regular Xbox One or its slimmer version the Xbox One S. However, it’s a sign of progress that we’ve actually been shown the console’s UI.

There’s been a lot of buzz over the Xbox One X ever since it was first announced at last year’s E3, and with its official debut at this year’s E3 it’s now a hot topic for a lot of different video game fans. These fans, and a lot of publications too, are all wondering about the console’s UI, how it will run, how good it will make games look, and more.

While the Xbox One X update screen isn’t really much to look at, it’s most likely going to be the gateway to other snapshots of the console’s user interface. Hopefully, unlike how the Xbox One’s original user interface was, the X’s will be much more user-friendly.

The user interface can also be only the first bits of what we see of the Xbox One X and what it can do. While we haven’t necessarily seen any gameplay that was actually on the console, hopefully Microsoft will rectify that before the game releases. Phil Spencer, the president of Xbox, has often said that the Xbox One X needs to have first party games people will be interested in in order to sell well.

While Microsoft did unveil a number of games that would be coming to the Xbox in the future, we have yet to see any real gameplay being run on an Xbox One X. With luck, before the Xbox One X releases later this year we’ll be able to see exactly what makes it worth getting over the Playstation 4 Pro.