Xbox One X Benchmarks As Compared To Xbox One S, 4K And 1080p Gaming

Xbox One X is supposed to be the most powerful console to hit the market and here we have some benchmarks that show the performance advantages of the better hardware that is found in the Xbox One X. These Xbox One X benchmarks are of early tests so expect these numbers to be higher when the console comes out.

The Xbox One S runs Forza 7 at 1080p and manages a render time of 13ms. It manages to keep the game running at 77 FPS and 77% of the GPU is being utilized. On the other hand, the Xbox One X runs the game at 4K with a render time of 11ms. It runs the game at 91 FPS at 4K and 66% of the GPU is being used. This means that there is still headroom for better performance.

Next up in the Xbox One X benchmarks we have Gears of War 4. Again the Xbox One S runs the game at 1080p and has a render time of 28ms. The console manages to run the game at 36 FPS and 84% of the GPU is being used. The Xbox One X one the other hand runs the game at 4K 38 FPS. The render time is 26ms and 78% of the GPU is being used.

These numbers are great and it is safe to say that all these games will run better and look better on the Xbox One X. There might not be too many exclusive games coming out for the Xbox but when it comes to graphics it seems that Microsoft has the upper hand considering what we have seen from these Xbox One X benchmarks.

Let us know what you think about these Xbox One X benchmarks and whether or not you are interested in buying the Xbox One X when it comes out later this year.