World of Darksiders 3 Has a “Natural Sense of Coming Back to Places”

Darksiders 3 developers are building the world that will have a natural sense of coming back to places, THQ Nordic said. The world of Darksiders 3 is more contained and is similar to the original game. However, things won’t limit the options for the players.

Players will have the option to go in a number of different directions but overall of the game can be considered semi-linear.  “We built the world in a way that there is a natural sense of coming back to places but also the player always has choices where he wants to go and there is obviously a good amount of sides and secrets to discover,” THQ Nordic’s Reinhard Pollice said.

The world of Darksiders 3 is going to offer more than the main storyline but Pollice wasn’t ready to spill the beans on that topic just yet. But he did mention that at some point we may see all four horsemen in the same game. When the time right, all four of them might grace the screen together.

Darksiders 3 has been in development since Spring of 2016 and they were looking for the right team since 2015. THQ Nordic that they wanted to take the series forward in a meaningful way which is why the reveal took so long. Darksiders 3 is set to release sometime next year on Xbox One, Xbox One X, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4, and PC.

THQ Nordic is also considering support for PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. However, nothing is confirmed for the time being.

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