Lawbreakers Lore to Be Shared Via In-Game VO, Overwatch-Like Animated Shorts Considered

Lawbreakers lore is something that can prove to be very interesting due to its unique characters. However, since this is a multiplayer only game, introducing lore can prove to be tricky business. I spoke with Lawbreakers developer Dan Nanni, Lead Designer at Boss Key, and discussed how they plan to handle lore in Lawbreakers.

While Lore is not something that takes center stage in multiplayer games, it does add a little more depth to the overall experience, especially if they are not ruling out a singleplayer mode. Lawbreakers lore will reach the player via in-game VO, “account portrait descriptions and narrative scattered throughout the maps, but we’re exploring ways to divulge the deeper storyline outside of the game as well.”

Developers are looking at other ways such Overwatch-like animated shorts, comics, and other channels to share lore. But it would depend on the reception of the game and how much interest the community has in knowing more about Lawbreakers’ characters.

For those comparing Lawbreakers and Overwatch, Boss stated that both games are very different. According to the studio lead designer, the “gravity gameplay adds verticality to shooters in a whole new way, our roles play with class-tropes and flip them upside down, our game modes tease you with something familiar and then twist it up with nail-biting conclusions.”

Lawbreakers is releasing on PlayStation 4 and PC later this year. Boss Key is considering support for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

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