Sony Technologically Fell Behind Since PS2 Days, Says Sony Japan Studio Vice President

Sony Interactive Entertainment has dominated the console market with its PlayStation 4 partly because of the fact that it has more exclusive games than Xbox One and also slightly more powerful. However, not everyone thinks that Sony adopts the latest tech and tools as fast as other studios and that also includes Vice President of Sony Japan Studio.

Speaking with IGN, Allan Becker talked about the performance of Sony studios and how they are doing a great job at creating quality games. However, he added that Sony studios do not adapt to new tools of development as quickly as other studios and they have fell behid technologically since PlayStation 2 but, with PS4 the studios are getting back on track.

At Japan Studio I think we have a lot of talented people, but for whatever reason I think we fell behind in terms of technology, and that started way back in the PS2 days and PS3. Japan Studio wasn’t producing that many titles. And so with PS4, we’re really starting to build the technology back up.

While he did not stated any specific projects but, he revealed that with the studio finishing up its most of the projects the studio is now free to move ahead with new projects with new technology in mind.

Without having to state too much more, with Gravity Rush 2 finishing up and The Last Guardian finishing up, we reached this big milestone within Japan Studio, and so finally we feel like we’re free to do new things. We’re going to finish up Knack 2 as well, so, as for the internal team, they’re much more freed up, so we are thinking about starting up several new titles.

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Source: IGN