Prototype Demo Of Unreleased SNES Rayman Game Surfaces Online

Rayman is one of the most popular platformer games and the franchise dates back to the SNES days. However, a prototype demo of an unreleased SNES Rayman game has made its way online thanks to archivist Omar Cornut. The demo was uploaded by the archivist with the permission from Michel Ancel, who is working on Beyond Good And Evil 2.

The prototype demo for Rayman was uploaded to Dropbox for everyone to enjoy. According to the uploader, “There’s not a lot to it really, I borrowed the cartridge from Michel Ancel who kindly let me look at it and dump it”. Cornut being an archivist runs a website which is dedicated to archiving games of various platforms.

The prototype demo for the unreleased SNES Rayman game is an early build of the game and also lacks a lot of features. According to Cornut, “the stuff like two-player mode that have been shown in screenshots are not really in this build.”

However, this is not the first time that we have gotten a peek into the unreleased SNES Rayman game as back in October last year, Ancel himself shared a video featuring the early prototype of the unreleased game. As for the SNES, a classic edition of the console will launch later this year.

However, while the classic console has been announced and is already available for pre-order but, in the United States, the SNES Classic Edition is still not available for pre-order and there is a reason behind it. The reason that the console is not available for pre-order in the US is that it does not have an FCC approval yet.

Source: Twitter