Bigben Interactive Announces New Revolution Pro Controller 2 for Playstation 4

Bigben Interactive has announced a new Revolution Pro Controller 2 for the Playstation 4. This controller is a sequel to the Revolution Pro Controller, and both are intended for gamers that want higher-performance controllers, or who play eSports. The previous Revolution controller sold over 250,000 units since its release in December of 2016.

In the world of eSports, where split-second reactions and high quality and customization are paramount to a lot of gamers and their performance, it shouldn’t come as a surprise for pro gamers to prefer a controller that can cater to those needs. With the previous version of the Pro Controller having sold over 250,000 copies, Bigben and Nacon have to be doing something right.

The Revolution Pro Controller 2 includes manual configuration of the four shortcut buttons, along with the ability to reconfigure your directional pad to go in either four or eight directions. Other additions include improved customization software UI that’s compatible with Mac operation systems, and more.

You can also use the controller as a PC gamepad if you’re a PC gamer instead of a console gamer, as it’s compatible with a USB-TypeC connection.

After all, while many gamers might prefer a mouse for precision when they’re playing a shooter game or a strategy game where “actions per minute” can tell someone how fast your reflexes are, there are going to be some who would prefer the familiar grip of a controller when playing something that isn’t a strategy or an RPG game.

The Pro 2 controller will be releasing sometime later this summer under the Nacon brand, and will be available worldwide. More information will be revealed about it soon, but until then Bigben will have to keep any anticipation about the Revolution Pro Controller 2 going. Currently there’s no indication about an actual confirmed release date or price for the controller.