A Nintendo/Sony Prototype Console Has Been Found

There was a time before SIE decided to launch its own PlayStation console when Sony collaborated with Nintendo for Nintendo’s console. In 1988 Sony and Nintendo worked together on a new CD-ROM peripheral for SNES and Sony announced it in 1991, however, the very next day Nintendo announced its partnership with Phillips instead of SIE and that CD-Rom Tech in some way made its way to PS1.

The console on which both companies collaborated never officially released but, apparently one of the prototypes for this Nintendo/Sony console has been found in some junk. According to Imgur user DanDiebold, he found the console in the trash and belonged to his father.

My dad worked for a company, apparently one of the guys he used to work with, I think his name was Olaf, used to work at Nintendo and when my dad’s company went bankrupt, my dad found it in a box of ‘junk’ he was supposed to throw out.

However, the interesting thing is the man named Olaf, as noted by Gamesradar, this could be a reference to Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson, the original co-founder, president and chief executive officer of Sony Interactive Entertainment. Which could mean that not only this is the first ever prototype of PlayStation but it also belonged to the console’s creator.

Source: GamesRadar