Lawbreakers Combat Guide – Best Roles, Movement Techniques, Map Awareness

Lawbreakers Combat Guide details everything you need to know about combat in the new fast-paced shooter Lawbreakers. The game is in beta mode and is going to release in August. This guide will cover different aspects of the combat in the game such as choosing a class, advanced combat mechanics, and movement. After reading this guide, you will be ready to take your fight to the next level.

Lawbreakers is a fast-based shooter with an ever-evolving environment. To master his game, you will need some advanced tips and techniques that we will be sharing with you in this guide.

Lawbreakers Combat Guide

In our Lawbreakers Combat Guide, we’ve detailed some of the in-game tips and strategies that will help you become a better player.

Find your Role

Lawbreakers has different roles and you must find your role as soon as possible. The roles range from healers, flankers, tanks and standard DPS characters. You must play with each character and try to find the role that bests suits you.

There are eight different roles and each role has two different characters, one for each side. (Law and Breakers). You must understand that every role is different and mastering a role takes a lot of practice. Make sure your team has one of every role so that each player can support the whole team. Healers can heal, tanks take damage while flankers do recon and attack from the sides.

Each role has a special set of abilities. Such as the Medic has a robotic drone, that heals allies and the Wraith has a three-tier jump system that allows it to jump around the map. Mastering these skills is vital for your success in the game.

Try to find the role that works for you. Enforcers are normal FPS characters and are good all-rounders; they are mostly preferred for more role-based gameplay while Juggernauts have high health points, which make them very good tanks. Wraiths have very good mobility so if mobility is your thing, then this class is for you.

Give every role some time. If you think you are unable to perform with a class after a few games then simply change your class, you do not have to stick with a single class. Keep on exploring the roles until you find your perfect match. Practice as much as possible with the class you like so that it grows on you and you become a true master of that role.

Focus on Movement

Just like any other good FPS game, you need to be good at movement here as well. Lawbreakers require fluid movement if you want some kills. The environment is not forgiving and you are sluggish at the movement you will have a very hard time in the game. If you’re new to the game, focus on the movement and actions, do not try to copy enemies and chasing them. Find your own moving patterns that suit you well.

When you become good at movement, you can easily move between anti-gravity fields and weave between obstacles. This will give you an edge over your opponents and you will be able to kill more enemies easily. However, if the game is fast it does not mean that you need to be fast as well.

If you want to play it a little slow then you can, take your time taking shots and focus more on shooting by being stable. Some classes such as Assassins, however, cannot be played in a slow game but they can play as defenders, circling around the objective. If you are a slow player then it is best that you avoid the mode Blitzball as it a fast-paced mode.

Learn Advanced Movements

You should practice and learn advanced combat moves of Lawbreakers. Two of the most important moves that you must master are Blindfiring and Combos. Blindfiring is when you shoot from behind your character, over the shoulder at your enemies coming after you. You can blindfire by pressing left Control butting. This cause you to shoot behind you. It may not hit an enemy but it provides covering fire as you retreat.

It provides an excellent way of retreating to a safe zone. You will be backing up but still shooting allowing you to stay in the fight even though you are heading back. Some classes such s Titan fire rockets backward, which propel them further. This is the perfect getaway from dangerous situations.

Another important advanced tactic that you must use in battles are the Combos. You can perform combos by performing different attacks and skills together. These combos inflict great damage to the enemy. They combine normal attacks into one stronger attack.

One example of such combos is the Assassin’s Dash and sword attack. It gives a sudden boost of speed right before attacking thus makes a deadly attack on your enemy. Dash can also be used to close distances between you and your enemy quickly.

For becoming a Pro at Lawbreakers it is necessary that you must master these two advanced combat skills. Blindfire is a very good defensive tactic while combos are excellent when you are playing offensive.

Memorize Maps

Mastering the controls and gameplay is very important for a game but mastering the maps is also a very important aspect of shooters. In Lawbreakers, you must try to mesmerize all important places of the map such as the health pick up places or ammo respawns so that you can get out of a tricky situation.

You must learn the map flows and all good vantage points to hit the enemy from where they would not even expect. Learn where all health stations are and where health pickups spawn as after every gunfight if you survive you will need some health. Therefore, you must know your way around the map if you want to survive long. This will also help you catching up to weaken enemies running back to safe zones.


Finally, practice makes a man perfect. You must practice the game; give it some time to adjust. If you are trying to rush the game, then you will have a little time understanding the mechanics and gameplay of this game. You must keep a slow pace at the start and practice a lot.

Give every role a few chances, explore all classes so that you find your perfect match. Practice abilities and the special tactics mentioned above in this guide and you will be owning your competition in no time.

This concludes our Lawbreakers Combat Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!