Grand Theft Auto V Modding Tool OpenIV is Back, Available to Download Again

Grand Theft Auto V publisher Take-Two recently blocked a popular modding tool called OpenIV. The modding tool was accused of allowing hacking of Grand Theft Auto Online. However, the accusation seemed odd as OpenIV is not allowed to access the online section of the mod.

OpenIV is a modding tool used to create singleplayer mods and as evident by recent Grand Theft Auto V Steam reviews, banning the tool is not sitting well with the community. To bring change, a petition was started at

According to Take-Two, malicious mods are created that are causing issues for the players. But what’s interesting is that OpenIV mods can’t access GTA Online, so it is unclear just how it is creating problems. Anyhow, the blocking of OpenIV caused a serious backlash from the community and Steam reviews for Grand Theft Auto V plummeted to “Mostly Negative.”

The OpenIV allegedly allowed third-parties “to defeat security features of its software and modify that software in violation Take-Two’s rights.” But the community supported the tool which forced Take-Two and OpenIV to come to terms with each other.

The Grand Theft Auto V modding tool is back and available to download from its official website. The terms of their agreement are unknown but the good news is that modding for GTA V will continue its course. We will be seeing more mods based on this modding tool and hopefully, both parties will refrain from unnecessary clashes in the future.

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