Destiny 2 Housekeeping Phase Allows Clan Leaders To Migrate To The New Game

Bungie has initiated the Destiny 2 housekeeping phase, which will allow the leaders of various clans to migrate their clans over to the upcoming sequel. That’s not all you can do either; you can switch the role of Clan Founder to someone else who might be a better adventurer, and more.

Clans are going to be playing a much, much bigger role in Destiny 2, as they’ve gone from a way for players to meet up with friends and play together to a way for players that have been alone whether because of life or a lack of friends online to join a group of like-minded players in raiding and striking.

This is all possible through Destiny 2’s “Guided Games”, which offer you the option to play through a raid with a clan in order to fill out their party and play with other people. Previously, Destiny players that often did solo games would have to go to a variety of “Looking For Group” websites in order to try and find a group to raid or do the Nightfall with.

Because of this rather unintuitive way to gather players to do Nightfalls and Raids, only around 50% of players ever attempted endgame content in the first Destiny, which means that roughly half of the playerbase never got to storm the Vault of Glass, kill Crota, slay Oryx, or destroy Aksis. These same players also likely never got to do the higher ranks of the Prison of Elders or attempt the Trials of Osiris.

Thus the Destiny 2 housekeeping phase, which will allow many of these clans to continue running Destiny 2 content together along with inviting new players into their ranks.

So, if you own a clan and want to transfer it over to Destiny 2, take part in the Destiny 2 housekeeping phase and switch it over. The phase will last for a month, and Destiny 2 will be releasing on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One in September, while the PC version will be coming out in October.