Biostar RX 470D Released For Miners, Features Unreleased Chip

Biostar RX 470D has been released and it is interesting to note that the RX 470D is a GPU that has not been released by AMD yet. This could be some kind of exclusive deal or there might be some kind of error. We should be able to get down to what is what in a few days time but as of right now, here is what we know about the Biostar RX 470D.

While the RX 470 has 2048 Stream processors the Biostar RX 470D only has 1792. but the memory frequency has been increased from 6000 MHz to 7000 MHz. The clock speed of the GPU is 1200 MHz. This is aimed at the mining market even though the GPU has display ports. This could mean that AMD is playing safe and not removing the display ports.

Removing the display ports would mean that the GPUs would be useless if the mining market went south. But if the display ports are there then that means that even if the mining market goes south, these GPUs can be used for gaming and what not.

The Biostar RX 470D features a beefy heatsink and 2 fans to provide it with the cooling that it needs. The GPU has a red and black look, not that it would matter what the GPU looks like if you are a miner. The D series GPUs could all be aimed at the mining market. Both AMD and Nvidia have been silent about how the companies are going to deal with these miners.

Miners are causing GPU shortages around the world and this is becoming irritating for the average consumer that is not looking to get into cryptocurrency mining.

Let us know what you think about the Biostar RX 470D and whether or not you are interested in buying one of these GPUs.