AMD RX 560D Will Be Rebranded RX 460 With BIOS Modification

AMD seems to have an excess of RX 460 GPUs and in order to sell them out, AMD will be rebranding these GPUs as the upcoming AMD RX 560D. The GPUs will feature BIOS modification and according to sources will have half the power draw as compared to a regular RX 560. But this number could be exaggerated and you should expect a higher TDP.

The AMD RX 560D will come with 896 Stream Processors out of the box which is the same number as the RX 460. These GPUs will be coming out for the Chinese market and it is unlikely that we will be seeing them anywhere else. You might remember that the RX 460s come with 1024 Stream Processors but some of them are locked.

You can unlock them but then the drivers will not be validated and you will not be able to use official drivers. This issue will most likely be solved with the AMD RX 560D as I am expecting official driver support but we will know for sure when the GPUs come out.

If the TDP numbers are correct then the AMD RX 560D could be a great option for cryptocurrency miners that are looking for the best performance for the least amount of power used. The RX 460 is already great value for money when it comes to GPU mining but the AMD RX 560D could provide even better value.

AMD GPUs are popular amongst miners for the return that they provide and AMD GPUs also seem to be more efficient for mining as compared to Nvidia graphics cards. Just recently the RX 580, as well as RX 570 variants, were all sold out at major PC hardware retailers.

Let us know what you think about the AMD RX 560D and whether or not you would be interested in getting your hands on one of these GPUS.