Xbox One X Graphics Hype Train Fueled By Phil Spencer’s Latest Comments

Xbox One X offers 4K gaming and it is natural for the maker of such a powerful machine to hype up its product. Phil Spencer already made some comments to jab their rival Sony and mock the lack of native 4K. Now, Spencer and Mike Ybarra stated in a recent interview that their 4K gaming console is going to make people lose track of time.

According to Ybarra, is they are able to deliver Dolby Atmos spatial audio, high-dynamic range, 8-million pixels on the screen than people will lose track of time. The goal behind Xbox One X was to create immersion and Microsoft believes they have successfully created a box that can deliver quality.

Agreeing with Ybarra, Phil Spencer added that he recently spoke with Patrick Söderlund about Madden’s gorgeous grass, something that is only possible via the power of Xbox One X.

I was on the EA stage talking to Patrick Söderlund about Madden, and one of the things he commented on was how the grass looks, and how it moves. He said if you had somebody circle 10 things on the screen that are different about running on Xbox One X, nobody would ever pick up on that, but subconsciously, as visuals get more lifelike your brain notices when stuff like that isn’t quite right. 4K can be just about the physics, maybe even just the way the trees move

Microsoft is planning to release Xbox One X later this year in the west while the Japanese release will happen sometime later. There is no official release date for Japanese players but the western audience can access the power of Xbox One X on November 7 for $500.

Source: The Guardian