Remedy Entertainment: We Are Looking For A “Long-Lasting Experience” To Go With The Game’s Narrative

Remedy Entertainment is known for developing the critically acclaimed Alan Wake, Max Payne, Max Payne 2. However, after the launch of Quantum Break last year the studio has announced that it is working on a new multi-platform Project codenamed P7 but, nothing is known about the title.

With Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment introduced the gaming community to transmedia storytelling, however, it didn’t work out well for everyone. Speaking with Gamereactor, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake was asked if the studio will continue this for their next title, to which he responded:

We are always trying to push it forward and find new elements as well. I think in some form all of the things that you mentioned will be present in our experiences. But not necessarilly in the same way. Finding different focus areas and finding new elements, as well, into the mix is very important. We are working on a new project that we have not really said a lot about… P7 and that’s the codename, we haven’t revealed even the title of the game.

There story and character are just as important as always, but we are looking for ways to maybe give a more long-lasting experience to the player, while keeping the story inside of it very strong. So that calls for new ideas and we are in the process of figuring the details out. But it feels like a very interesting challenge that we are working on.

Aside from P7, Remedy Entertainment is also working on Crossfire 2, a tactical shooter in development at Smilegate and Remedy is co-developing singleplayer for Crossfire 2.

No gameplay details have been revealed for CrossFire 2, but Smilegate hopes that new technology, game modes, and storytelling will make CrossFire 2 a popular shooter not only for the Asian market but also in the rest of the world.

Source: Gamereactor