Rainbow Six Siege Addresses Low Hit Registration Again, New Servers Inbound

Rainbow Six Siege has been suffering from poor hit registration problems, among other things, ever since it was released over a year ago. As far as the community is concerned, the issue has only worsened with time. In the past, Ubisoft has addressed the matter at a few turns and is now looking to do once again.

Posting on Reddit over the weekend, community manager Craig “Epi” Robinson revealed that the developer has been tracking the problem of poor hit registration following a new barrage of reports. Apparently, the servers were rejecting a “slightly” increased amount of shots. This has been fixed now with a quick server-side update. However, Ubisoft warns that it will not fix everything since the matter of hit registration concerns a number of other elements.

“We want to be clear that this fix will not address all hit registration and there are still going to be a small amount of shots that may get rejected or may appear as though they are rejected,” said Epi, while also adding that majority of players will not even notice any change to their gameplay as “hit registration quality is part of an ongoing process of updates and tweaks.”

The misalignment of the kill cam is still plaguing the game, despite Ubisoft tackling the issue last year. The developer confirmed that it is working to make the camera alignment feel more accurate so that players can be aware of how many bullets actually found their mark.

There is also the matter of high latency that can hinder hit registration. Ubisoft will be talking more on how it plans to address that problem in the coming weeks, as well as talk about new servers for Rainbow Six Siege. Depending on the locality, it could mean good news for players who are forced to jump regions and play with higher pings. In addition, the developer will soon be detailing the removal of peer-to-peer features from the game and other stability upgrades.

Rainbow Six Siege Update 2.2.2, the next in the ongoing Operation Health, is expected to arrive either at the end of the month or early next month. Among many important changes, it will introduce a new way to earn in-game cosmetic wares through Alpha Packs.