Race Kings Tips and Strategy Guide – How to Win, Increase Edge

Race Kings Tips and Strategy Guide will help you become the ultimate drift king in this hot new drift dueling game Race Kings, by the developer Hutch Games. Every race in this game will be unique because you will be racing real racers from around the globe.

For this, you must be fully prepped and ready to take down your opponents. In this guide, you find tips and tricks on how to win and dominate the track while increasing your Edge at the same time.

Race Kings Tips and Strategy Guide

In our Race Kings Tips and Strategy Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know to win races and increasing your Edge.

How to Win

Race Kings is all about Drifting and you must get good with basic mechanics as soon as possible if you want to leave the competition in the dust. Following Tips will help you win big in Race Kings.

Be Perfect

To win, you must be perfect with everything related to your car. Starting with the initial launch, this is the first step you should master in order to have a healthy start to the drift run. Keep your eyes on the lights, as soon as the light turns green, you must hit the gas to give you a perfect start. This boost is vital for your race and the whole race will depend on this initial start. If you nail this start, you will even the odds in your favor right from the start.

Failing to get a perfect start will not only lower your morale but will also give the opponent an early lead if he manages a perfect start. You need to time the launch perfectly. Delayed start will make you lose important time while pressing it too early with giving a false start and the race will be lost instantly. Master this skill before you reach big league where you bet 500 cash on a race. A slight mistake there will cost you the race and the money. Practice your timing as much as you can.

After the initial launch, what you need to focus on are the drift sections. After entering a drift section, you must try to keep your speed as high as possible. Although the drift scores are not related to your speed, a high speed will ensure high acceleration to keep the momentum going.

When you are about to exit the drift zone, try to rapidly tap the screen to keep the speed leveled in the middle of the gauge. To have a perfect exit, you must give yourself some room to accelerate out of the zone. This will be dependent on how fast your car accelerates.

Have the Most Edge

Although mastering perfect starts, perfect entries and perfect exits will help you a lot in the races, what it really boils down to in the race is who has the most edge. Edge is simply the power of the vehicle. This single stat determines the winner of the race before the event has even started. You want to make sure that you are always the one with the more edge.

An opponent with the greater edge will only lose to you if he is very bad at entering or exiting Drift Zones. A major problem here is that you unable to see your opponent’s Edge until the race is over. Therefore, you must always upgrade your Edge before the races and even between the races to make sure you have the upper hand. Unless you have more Edge than your opponent, there is not much you can do to win.

Know When to Back Down

If you happen to come across an opponent who has much greater Edge than you, you must always back down rather than betting more money. Your opponent will always win as he has more Edge and you will end up losing all your hard-earned cash. You should never be too afraid to back down from a race. If you end up losing a race and do not wish to continue racing, simply press return to the main menu to come back and find another opponent or upgrade your car if you want to.

You must always stop racing opponents who have more Edge than you because you will continue to lose no matter how good you perform in the race.

Useful Tips

Another pointer for some easy cash is that the game will give you a bronze key after every hour. You can use this bronze key to open a Bronze Chest, which usually gives a small cash prize. This is not much but since you need every little bit of cash in this game, it helps in the long run to finance your updates. Along with these keys, there are also some optional challenges that you can complete while racing in a cup. They will give you a little amount of cash prize too. Event goals are another good grinding technique for easy money. Complete as much as possible to earn cash.

Edge Resets occur with every track change. After some time in the Cup, the game will rotate the tracks and when it happens, you will lose all your edge. Therefore, you must always look for the timer and plan your Edge upgrades accordingly.

How to Increase Your Edge

Edge or in other words, your car’s performance can only be enhanced by upgrading your vehicle. If you want to upgrade your car, simply look for the upgrade option in the main menu above the RACE button. Always keep an eye out for your Edge rating. The more edge you have, the easier will it be for you to win races.

While upgrading your car, make sure your car is balanced across all stats. Instead of focusing on a single stat like acceleration or handling, always upgrade your car in a balance. Otherwise, it will not give you the required performance. Always keep the upgrades on the table and do not spend all your money in one go. Play the game, see your car’s performance and then modify it accordingly. You can always switch out the parts later to suit your preferences.

Whenever the tracks are rotated, you will lose all your Edge. Which means it will return to zero, however, you will keep all the upgrades so you need to spend more and more to keep your Edge going up.

This concludes our Race Kings Tips and Strategy Guide regarding How to Win and How to Increase your Edge. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!