One of the Destiny 2 Raids Is Unlike Anything We Have Seen

Destiny raids are some of the best experiences in the shooter genres and Destiny 2 raids aim to take things one step further. According to Like Smith from Bungie, developers are adding never before seen experiences via Destiny 2 raids.

Referring to one of the Destiny 2 raids, Luke Smith stated that they are doing something with it that hasn’t been done before. He is not ready to discuss what they are doing but he mentioned that is would have a sense of building a place you believe is real.

Raid 5, when we looked at it, it was about building a place you believe is real. That was our priority, I-have-a-real-good-secret-I-can’t-share-yet.

A place that you believe could exist. It’s unlike anything we’ve done. The team is incredibly talented; it is a joy to see them work.

Apart from Raids players will get to indulge in Strikes and PvP matches. Moreover, there is a strong narrative driving Destiny 2 this time around. Luke Smith spoke about the story and said that it would be a followable narrative. However, there will also be more stories besides the main one that will play out during the game’s length.

Destiny 2 is supposed to be released September 6 of this year on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, along with the Playstation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X. The game comes with exclusive PlayStation  4 content that would release on other platforms in 2018.

Source: Mashable