Nintendo Switch Surprised Me “In A Good Way”, Says Former Sony And Microsoft Exec

Nintendo has mad quite a splash with the release of Nintendo Switch considering the disaster Wii U was for the company. Switch not only has proven to be successful for Nintendo but, others are also surprised with the innovation that Nintendo has brought to the industry with its latest console.

Speaking with Gamesbeat, former Sony and Microsoft exec, Phil Harrison, talked about Nintendo’s latest offering in the console market. According to Phil is very surprised by Nintendo Switch and in a good way. He particularly praised the hybrid nature of the console and added that it is more effective than he expected.

Nintendo has surprised me in a good way. They’ve put some excitement back in, or at least added a dynamic to the console equation that wasn’t there previously. From my focus group of a household with younger children, Switch is definitely the console that gets used. Mainly because of the content types. Surprisingly, the TV-to-mobile use case works way more effectively than I expected. I really enjoy that.

He further talked about why this didn’t work for Wii U. According to Phil, the reason why tablet mode didn’t work out for Wii U was that it was dependent on the actual console to render the game but, Switch combines the both in one.

he tablet mode on Wii U just wasn’t powerful enough. It was rendered as a single frame from the console sent wirelessly from the console to the device. The Switch combined both modes into one and just switched the power state. When you’re tethered you get access to more wattage on the CPU and GPU. Maybe that technology didn’t exist when they were developing the Wii U. I suspect not. A great idea is about timing as much as it is about technology.

In related news, many of Nintendo Switch are waiting for Blizzard to bring Overwatch to the hybrid console. While Blizzard has not ruled out the possibility of Overwatch on Switch but, one gamer has found a way to play Overwatch on Switch.

Source: Venturebeat