This Game Is Getting Negative Reviews on Steam For Pretty Much Everything

Hundreds of games on Steam get “mostly negative” reviews on Steam but this one particular MMO is getting heat for pretty much every single feature it has to offer and more. Netease Games released MMO Twilight Spirits in China recently and little did they know, the community would bash the textures out of this game.

Summing up close to 800 negative reviews, there are issues with pretty much every aspect. From graphics to controls, to connections, to character designs, there is a problem in one way or another. Seeing the situation, the developer posted an apology on Steam and said it is working hard to fix as many issues as possible.

For instance, players are complaining that there is no support for the English language. The explanation in the tutorial section is not clear enough, default graphics setting is poor, controls aren’t fit for Steam players, some graphics settings trigger lag, lack of diverse character designs, are just some of the problems with Twilight Spirits.

The dev team is currently gathering all the suggestions put forward by our players and are certainly taking the advice into consideration. We are scheduling a timetable to optimize the above-mentioned issues one by one. Again, the dev team welcomes players to take ownership and bring forth their creative ideas to contribute to the game itself.

Developers are currently working on the following:

  • Set the default graphic display as the finest. After which, players can adjust the graphic display level under the settings menu in the game;
  • Improve the guides and explanations in the tutorial section;
  • Make it available to use Roman characters to name a character;
  • Optimize the experience of players with integrated graphics cards.

Periodic updates will be released to fix more issues.