EA and Sony’s Miserable Attempt to Fool Us With Anthem PS4 Footage

The biggest highlight from this year’s E3 2017 was Anthem, EA’s and BioWare’s next sci-fi RPG. The gameplay footage was really interesting but Anthem’s lore and story of this new IP is still a mystery. However, it is expected to be as amazing as the first two Mass Effect games.

The game is a 10-year journey for BioWare and EA but Sony pulling off shady tactics won’t help them gain an audience in the long run. BioWare’s Anthem gameplay was posted on Sony’s official YouTube channel to show the PlayStation 4 version. Many rightfully assumed that this footage is from the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Pro version of the game. However, it isn’t from any of these two consoles.

According to the community’s findings, the layout buttons are from the Xbox One X version. The PlayStation 4 controls are pasted over the Xbox One X button prompts.


It is very poor editing work and whoever is responsible should be fired. Instead of showing actual gameplay from the PS4 version, both companies went ahead to edit the footage, because who can tell the difference right?

Anthem PS4 is releasing alongside the Xbox One X and PC versions of the game sometime next year. BioWare has confirmed the game’s next showing for Gamescom where we should get to see the actual PS4 footage. BioWare made its appearance at E3 2017 by revealing a new game known as Anthem at the Xbox conference. While we got a bit of gameplay there, we’ll be getting some more Anthem gameplay at Gamescom 2017, later this year in August.

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