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New Call of Duty: WW2 Information Comes From Sledgehammer AMA: Zombies, Multiplayer, Supply Drops

A wealth of new Call of Duty: WW2 information has come from an “Ask Me Anything” thread on Reddit, which had been held by Sledgehammer Games, the game’s developer. The AMA talked about supply drops, eSports, the zombies mode, and a wide variety of other information about the game.

To start off with, supply drops are confirmed to be returning for the game. However, you won’t be getting any weapons that could give you a leg up on other players, as the supply drop weaponry will be completely cosmetic. There won’t be any stat-based changes, so the only real use supply drops have is to get you other weapon skins.

Zombies mode, according to the Call of Duty: WW2 information, will be getting an info drop for us sooner than we might think. Considering the game comes out around November and it’s essentially July now, it had better come sooner, rather than later, as we still know nothing about it.

There won’t be any support for the Clan Wars mechanic that has been in other Call of Duty games, so it’s a gametype you’ll likely have to set up yourself. However, Sledgehammer Games is very dedicated to eSports, so you’ll likely be seeing a lot of support for it in the multiplayer.

There will also be varied locations in the multiplayer maps, though no specifics have been given. Combined with the Headquarters mechanic, the War game mode, and everything else for multiplayer, this is the largest amount of content ever that Sledgehammer has created for multiplayer.

When it comes to the single-player component of the game, players won’t be able to do co-op as it’s a single player only experience. Even though the story includes a whole squad of American soldiers, it will be a single-player only experience.

To see more Call of Duty: WW2 information, just follow this link to the AMA and read for yourself.