Intel Core Processors To Be Discontinued By 2022? Intel Next Generation Core In The Works

AMD has returned to the CPU market and has been nothing short of disruptive. Intel has made amends to its product release plans in order to counter this new threat but it seems that things are more serious than we thought. It seems that Intel Core processors will be discontinued by 2022 and there has been a job posting regarding the next generation core.

Intel is looking for engineers that will help design the next generation core. A job listing was published recently and considering that the hiring process has just started, it should take about 4-5 years before we see the next generation core in actual products. It seems that AMD has made a mark in the CPU market and Intel is looking for ways to beat the competition in the long run.

This new core will replace the current Intel Core processors that we see today. This should be great for the general consumer as I think that the new core will be used in the mainstream CPUs as well. According to the official job posting on Intel’s website:

“If you are passionate about seeing your ideas go from white board to billions of pieces of silicon, join the ground floor of Intel’s next-generation core (NGC) design team in Hillsboro, Oregon,”

This is a long term thing and will take a while for the research and development team to come up with something that is worthy or replacing what we already have in place. It is safe to say that Intel is on its toes and I would be too if I was facing AMD in the market right now. The posting further mentions the following:

“a revolutionary microprocessor core to power the next decade of computing and create experiences we have yet to dream up.”

It is important to note here that this is speculation and you should take this with a grain of salt and wait for the official word from Intel regarding the matter.

Do you think that Intel Core processors CPUs of today will be replaced by 2022 or this is something that will take more time?