Flipping Legend Tips and Strategy Guide – Utilizing Boundaries, Running Tips, Daily Quests

Flipping Legend Tips and Strategy Guide will teach you tips and tricks to master Flipping Legend. Flipping Legend is a fast-paced runner with a twist. You can only move diagonally. It also has a bit of strategy to it because your health bar is continuously depreciating and you need to kill enemies while running as well.

This sounds like a very tedious task but the developers have made it very streamlined and you will find yourself cutting your way through the enemies in no time with the help of this guide.

The gameplay is very simple and you will be able to master the basic mechanics of the game very easily. However, to become the Ultimate Legend in Flipping Legend it will take a little more than just simply mastering the basics. Let us start with the guide to becoming the ultimate legend.

Flipping Legend Tips and Strategy Guide

In our Flipping Legend Tips and Strategy Guide, we’ve detailed some in-game tips that will help you master the game and go a long way!

Flipping Legend Tips and Strategies

Move Quickly

The most important thing that you should remember is that you should move quickly. Since you are in a race with your health as well, you must try to move as quickly as possible. Your lifeline acts as a timer for you to finish the level within that limit. Make sure you keep an eye on it always. Adjust your tapping speed according to this bar, as it tends to drop a lot quicker in the higher levels. At the start of the game, this health bar will be very small, as you play more game, you earn gold and you can increase your health, which gives you more time to play.

As you move in the game, kill as many enemies as you can. Every enemy you kill gives you a small amount of health. However, this increase is so small that you are forced to keep moving to survive. Always be vigilant and never stay at a place for a long time as your health is continuously depreciating. Another trick is that you can jump backward onto tiles containing coins after killing enemies. Practice it as it will be helpful in the long run collecting coins.

Choose a Suitable Legend

There are different characters for you to play each time but you should really stick with one character and master it. Invest in the character, buy upgrades and skills and make him the Ultimate Legend. Instead of choosing a different character every time, you should use the same character more often so that you master it. When you upgrade a skill or a level up, it is only for that hero. Every character must be leveled up separately so it makes sense to master one character at a time instead of focusing on different characters at the same time.

There are two main types of characters in the game. One is ‘melee’ while the other ones are ‘ranged’. Melee characters are close combat fighters while ranged prefer long distance engagements. Melee characters have very high hit points which make them tough to kill and they wield weapons like lances, axes, and hammers.

They like to get up close and personal with the enemy. On the other hand, ranged prefer keeping a safe distance between themselves and the enemies. They also have lower hit points meaning they can die quickly if attacked by a powerful enemy. Always think well before starting a game whether you want a ranged or a melee character and once you are done, use this character more often to upgrade and master him.

Every character has two main types of attacks. One is the basic attack; it will damage the enemy and move you back one tile. The ultimate, on the other hand, wipes out many enemies in one go. You can use the basic ability to reposition yourself if you are not aligned with the enemy or just want to come back to a central point.

You should use these abilities quite often as the energy bar replenishes quickly. The basic attack will need 1 bar while ultimate will use all three bars.

Utilize Boundaries to your Benefit

This is a little-known feature of this game but you can flip off one side of the game and emerge on the other side and one tile ahead. This is a very useful maneuver as it allows you to achieve greater kill streaks and more flexibility while moving. You can also avoid a trap blocking the road by using this trick. Take some time practicing it so that you know exactly when you need to use this to your best advantage.

Unlock Free Goodies

You can simply watch an ad to obtain instant goodies, which include Gold, XP or new skins for your character. To do this simply head to the in-game store by clicking on the icon that looks like a house. Once there, select the option to get chests after watching an ad. After it ends, you will get an instant reward.

Complete Daily Tasks

You get new quests every 10 hours. These quests are pretty long so you must start working on them as soon as they start. Once you complete them, you will either get a unique skin for your character or gold to use in the upgrade shop. Always try to complete daily tasks and do every other mean to obtain gold and level up as quickly as possible.

Learn Patterns and Strategize Accordingly

Flipping Legend is a very fast-paced game and it gives you little time to think. The best way to maintain a streamlined and fast game is to learn the tile patterns. Staying at a place for too long will make you die sooner as your health is continuously dropping down. Make sure you keep your eyes on the checkered tiles below on the ground so that you do not have to stay long at any place to plan where to go next.

Make sure you follow the game objectives till level 3. This will make sure that you have a good collection of characters and have some gold to level up and buy skills. Focus on the upgrades that increase your number of taps and flips required to complete a level successfully. At the beginning, acquire abilities such as ‘Mine Trapper’, ‘Double Power’ or ‘Protective Shield’.

As you progress to higher levels, you will unlock cross-disciplined legend warriors such as strong warriors with magic attacks. These warriors will help you immensely in later stages. Make sure you put the best character with the flipping patterns to make the most of them.

This concludes our Flipping Legend Tips and Strategy Guide. If you have anything to add, feel free to use the comments section below!