Dead By Daylight Players Find the Best Way to Deal With Mental Patients

Dead By Daylight is out now and is a highly enjoyable game. The title offers a decent amount of challenge but things escalate pretty quickly when you come across a mental patient. There are a number of options available to the killer as he can either play in the punishment mode or choose to be in the treatment mode.

The treatment mode adds another layer of difficulty for you but the community has found a way to help you deal with those playing in the treatment mode. If the killer is in the treatment mode you will notice mental patient (s) in the group.

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In the first phase, the patient will panic and screen occasionally. In order to deal with such person in the first phase, you need to take them an isolated area and hit them with a metal pipe. Now in the second phase, the patient will get paranoid and start to hallucinate and cry. The patient will be able to see the doctor even if the room is empty.

The cure is bleeding and hydrotherapy and if you see the patient resist, you need to convince them that it is for their own good. Phase 3 has all the symptoms of phase 2 but the patient will refuse mental and physical work. The patient will do his best to hide in a dark place. The cure is lobotomy or electroconvulsive therapy.

Dead By Daylight is out now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Steam