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Cory Barlog Discusses God of War Changes In New Interview

One of the most evident things about the new God of War game is that things have changed. The God of War changes include new gods, a new world to explore, a new weapon to use, and a new character: Atreus, Kratos’s son. Director Cory Barlog sat down to discuss those changes.

Ever since it first released on the Playstation 2, the God of War games have been fairly steady in their content. Players went around an fantasy version of Greece, meeting and slaying all manner of Greek heroes and monsters while listening to Kratos rage at the gods of Olympus.

However, the God of War changes seen in the Playstation 4 game are many and varied, not just because of the new environment but also due to the changes in Kratos’s attitude and his relationship with Atreus. After the raging, hypocritical and homicidally violent Spartan that rampaged across Greece in the first God of War series, this new, unsure, and “doing his best to be a dad” Kratos is still rather unfamiliar.

Considering that Kratos already brutally murdered his wife and young daughter before the events of the original game, his relationship with Atreus and his new wife can also be seen as something like a second chance, a way to redeem himself for the failure of a father and husband he was back in the original God of War series.

This is also brought up in the reason why Atreus is traveling with Kratos. Aside from the ethical issues of leaving a young boy who barely knows how to hunt all alone, Kratos, as a Greek, can’t read the Norse runes that line buildings and monuments all across the game world. Thus, in addition to being a helping hand in combat who will stay out of danger, Atreus also functions as a translator.

Considering how long the journey will likely be, we’re going to be getting a good amount of father-son bonding time between Kratos and Atreus when the game comes out, not to mention all of the other God of War changes.

God of War 4 will be releasing sometime in 2018 for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 4 Pro.