AMD Vega FE Is Not Optimized For Gaming Even Though It Has A Gaming Mode

AMD Vega FE is out now and some users are getting their hands on the GPU. The community is comparing the performance of the GPU to the Nvidia GTX 1080 even though it should not as this is not a gaming oriented GPU but is aimed at the professional market instead. Jason Evangelho‏ from AMD has made it pretty clear that the community should not make this comparison. 

According to Evangelho, it is “immature” of the community to compare the performance of a gaming GPU with the performance of a professional GPU. Evangelho has made it clear that the AMD Vega FE is not optimized for gaming. Furthermore, Raja Koduri did tease that the gaming Vega GPUs will have more to offer as compared to the AMD Vega FE GPU.

This is very confusing as according to the marketing material there is a gaming mode feature for the GPU and that can be one of the reasons why people are comparing the GPU with the high-end Nvidia gaming GPUs. The initiated know that this kind of thinking is wrong but you have to admit that this is not common knowledge and you cannot expect everyone to be on the same page.


In other Vega news, AMD has announced the proceedings of the Siggraph event but we have found no mention of AMD Vega GPUs in the event description which is very odd indeed. AMD CEO Lisa Su recently confirmed that AMD Vega gaming GPUs will be announced at Siggraph and it is highly unlikely that AMD will delay further.

I am positive that AMD will reveal the gaming Vega GPUs at the event and that there has been some kind of error in the description that has been released to the media.

Let us know what you think about the AMD Vega FE.