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Watch Dogs 2 Party Mode Update Will Be Free, Allows 4-Player Co Op

A new Watch Dogs 2 party mode is going to be coming in the latest free update for the game. The mode will allow four players to run around the game’s version of San Francisco together, getting up to all sorts of trouble whether it’s hacking to cause trouble or just going on joyrides.

Watch Dogs 2 has gotten a variety of updates since it was launched earlier this year, with five major updates and three different DLC packs. This party mode update, according to Kris Young, the producer of Watch Dogs 2, is going to be the biggest one yet.

Players will be able to access the Watch Dogs 2 party mode by creating a public or private room, leaving it open to either anyone that wants to join (for the public) or three of your friends that you want to interact with. Once everyone is in, you’ll be able to explore San Francisco without any sort of limits.

While you’re all playing together, you can mess with cops, try and clear the game’s Red Zones, and other stuff from the single player. Or, you can take a crack at one of the multiple game modes that have been tailor-made for a four-player party. These include Invasion, Bounties, Loot Trucks, Races, Showdowns, Man vs Machine robot fights, and DedSec virus events.

The Watch Dogs 2 Party Mode update won’t just have that, however; it’ll also have a variety of other slight changes and improvements to the game. For instance, now you can skip the cinematic for the 3D printer, and you’ll also be able to experience July 4th in the Bay area.

The new Watch Dogs 2 party mode update will be available on July 4, next Tuesday, so you at least don’t have very long to wait before you get all of the new stuff that will come with the update.