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Here Is Why There Are No SNES Classic Edition Pre-Orders In The US

After Nintendo discontinued the popular NES Classic Edition many Nintendo fans were disappointed. However, rumors started to emerge that Nintendo is planning to launch SNES Classic Edition and just recently Nintendo confirmed that SNES Classic will be available later this year.

However, while the classic console has been announced and is already available for pre-order but, in the United States the SNES Classic Edition is still not available for pre-order and there is a reason behind it. The reason that the console is not available for pre-order in the US is that it does not have an FCC approval yet.

Every electronic device sold in the United States needs to get an FCC approval which also includes the consoles. However, applying for FCC rating might lead to an advanced leak and that is why the companies apply after they reveal their product.

The SNES Classic Edition will launch on September 29, 2017, and there is a lot of time for Nintendo to get an FCC approval but, until then there will be mo pre-order for the classic console. That is the reason why the online stores like GameStop, ToysRUs, and Target have nor listed the console for pre-order.