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Skyrim Bloodborne Mod Brings Bloodborne Weapons And Clothes To Skyrim

A new Skyrim Bloodborne mod called Glenmoril is in production, and will be bringing weapons, clothing, and various quests that are all inspired by From Software’s departure from the Dark Souls series. Bloodborne, a Playstation 4 exclusive game, took you to the city of Yharnam and the strange events happening within.

Mods are one of the many reasons that Skyrim has been able to last as long as it has (especially considering that Bethesda keeps porting it and re-releasing it in various forms as anyone could see at E3 2017. The Glenmoril mod will be no exception, though a Skyrim Bloodborne mod will definitely be something new.

The two settings couldn’t be more different from one another; Skyrim takes place in a fantasy world of swords and shields and magic, much like Dark Souls, with all of its threats straightforwardly material, with various nations and monsters being the primary threat like the Thalmor or dragons.

Bloodborne, however, is a Victorian Gothic-era sort of place where guns and fairly advanced technology are commonplace, and the main focus is on eldritch, Lovecraftian horrors and a disease of the blood that turns people into savage beasts.

Currently the Skyrim Bloodborne mod allows players to undertake ten different quests related to Bloodborne, though they’re all in Japanese. However, there is a special English patch that you can download to understand the dialogue, and three more episodes of the mod are currently in the works.

The mod may have a certain sort of appeal for fans of both games, as while you likely won’t get a lot of the mystery of wandering through Bloodborne’s mostly-empty streets and fighting off insane enemies, downloading the mod to Skyrim at least allows you to shoot enemies with actual guns, not to mention that it’s not nearly as hard as Bloodborne is.