Playdead Double Pack Is Getting Released By 505 Games, Includes Limbo And Inside

A Playdead double pack has been announced to be heading to retail shelves later this fall, containing the two games that the studio has worked on in its existence. That means, if you haven’t had a chance to play them already, players will be able to get both Inside and Limbo.

Inside and Limbo are two fairly different games in a large number of ways, but both have similar setups, mainly of a young boy traversing various environments and solving puzzles as they attempt to make it to some sort of nebulous end goal.

Both games received critical acclaim and positive reviews when they released, and before Inside came out Limbo was even offered for free on Steam and Xbox One for anyone to download. The entire Playdead double pack will be available for $29.99 or your regional equivalent, and will be available both for the Xbox One and the Playstation 4.

The United States and North America will be getting the pack on September 15 of this year, while Europe will be getting the pack on September 17, two days later. While the pack apparently won’t be available for the PC versions of the game (considering you can probably get both in a pack already on Steam), it’ll be less expensive to buy both games together with a retail double pack.

Getting the Playdead double pack will allow you to go through two different dark and mysterious narratives, one where you play as a small boy making his way through a terrifying forest filled with dangers, the other a boy as he makes his way into a city where people have apparently been mind-controlled to walk into some sort of facility.

Remember, you’ll be able to pick up the double pack for $29.99 later this September, so be on the lookout when the dates roll around in a few months.