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BioWare’s Apparently Making A New Dragon Age Game Along With Anthem

After the somewhat lackluster release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and the reveal of Anthem at E3, BioWare has heavily implied that they’re making a new Dragon Age game at long last, after Dragon Age: Inquisition came out in 2014. Inquisition ended on a cliffhanger after the end of its Trespasser DLC.

That arc ended with one of the player’s companions, the elven mage Solas, revealing that he was the elven god Fen’Harel, the Dread Wolf, and that he intended to restore the power of the elves in a process that humanity may not survive.

The hint comes from Bioware employee Mark Laidlaw, who admitted on the 1099 podcast that something was “happening” with Dragon Age. While he didn’t really give out any specifics, he did say that the studio was hiring a lot of people, which could mean that the game’s development is ramping up.

While we don’t exactly know where the direction of the new Dragon Age game would go, it will most likely focus on the Inquisitor or a new Dragon Age protagonist working to stop him with the help of a party of colorful characters.

However, BioWare’s name has been tainted by Mass Effect: Andromeda, which apparently had a development cycle filled with a lot of problems and released with a large number of bugs and lighting issues. Hopefully after the debacle with that game, BioWare has decided to focus more on the game’s development to make it another worthy entry in the Dragon Age series.

Inquisition was one of BioWare’s highest-selling games of all time, and apparently that meant enough for it to get a sequel to finish off its story.

With both Anthem and a new Dragon Age game under development, hopefully BioWare can churn out two good games in the next few years and get back on people’s good sides after Mass Effect: Andromeda.