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Total War Warhammer Teaser “Ritual” Put Up On Social Media

Creative Assembly has posted a new Total War Warhammer teaser up on social media, showing off various prizes for fans that are clever enough to be able to fill in the blanks of something that looks like a rhyme. The event could be a lead-up to something bigger, however.

That “something bigger” is likely the reveal of a new faction, as entering in the correct word to the available blank grants you a desktop picture of a sickly green and ramshackle-looking city. And, for fans of the Warhammer universe, it’s likely that they will know exactly who Creative Assembly is teasing.

The Total War Warhammer teaser is most likely hinting at the reveal of the Skaven, one of the most insidious and evil races in the Warhammer universe who have been hinted at ever since Total War: Warhammer’s sequel/expansion pack was revealed. The Skaven are an extremely numerous (EXTREMELY numerous) race of rat-men who control the Under-Empire, an enormous network of tunnels that stretch across the entire world and plot to one day take over the surface.

There are going to be four new races added to the Total War Warhammer roster when the sequel comes out, consisting of the reptilian Lizardmen, the beautiful but cold High Elves, their violent and sadistic cousins the Dark Elves, and the Skaven themselves.

The Skaven have been hinted at for many months, and were even hinted at in the original Total War Warhammer via an event where a portion of a city’s population would disappear in the night. Creative Assembly (and many Warhammer fans) have also played coy with the Skaven’s existence, as in-universe they’re seen (by the general populace at least) to not exist, and instead be a boogeyman figure.

In order to take advantage of the Total War Warhammer teaser for yourself, simply follow the link on Creative Assembly’s social media posts and fill in the blanks on the ritual. To claim the rewards, you will have to have a Total War website account.