It’s Apparently Too Early To Say How Many Original Xbox Games Will Be On Xbone

One of the more interesting announcements that we got from Microsoft’s E3 conference was how the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility section would be including original Xbox games. However, Dave McCarthy of Microsoft has said that it’s too early to say exactly how many of those games will be on the Xbox One.

While the only game that was confirmed to be part of the list was Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge (a self-admitted favorite of Xbox president Phil Spencer), there are a large number of other OG Xbox games that could be added to the list. One of the defining features of the Xbox 360 was that it could run a large number of Xbox games.

However, the Xbox One did not have this capability on launch, which ended up being one of its main criticisms. While backwards compatibility got added to the Xbox One at E3 2015, it’s taken two more years until now, in 2017, to get original Xbox games onto the console as well.

There are also now several hundred games available on the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility list, but if what McCarthy says is true there’s no telling which ones from the original Xbox will be able to get worked onto the Xbox One. A previous interview with Microsoft employees have said that the ability to get original Xbox games onto the Xbox One might mean the ability to do LAN parties with all three generations of Xbox shows promise, but who knows.

Either way, we’ll just have to wait and see a few months (or possibly years) down the road to see exactly how many of the original Xbox games that Microsoft ends up porting over to the Xbox One. Considering there were a good number of games on the Xbox that are still looked on fondly, hopefully some of them will make it onto the Xbox One.