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YouTuber Builds Junkrat Rip Tire With Over 4500 Lego Pieces

An enterprising and dedicated YouTuber by the name of ZaziNombies has dedicated a significant amount of time to creating the Junkrat rip tire entirely out of Lego bricks. The wheel has over 4500 bricks comprising it, and is actually a really well made model (even if it can’t roll or explode).

Junkrat’s Rip Tire is his Ultimate move in Overwatch, allowing him to send a spiked, explosive tire driving across the map and into either a cluster of enemies or against one particularly tough opponent. His “Fire in the hole!” shout is something that many Overwatch players have come to dread, and it’s the signal for everyone to run for cover.

Even if it’s not at all like the genuine article (and we can probably be thankful for that), the Junkrat rip tire is definitely an impressive accomplishment. The entire thing is 25 inches long and over two feet wide, and with over 4500 Lego pieces making it up, it definitely took a lot of work and time to put it all together.

This isn’t even the first Lego replica that ZaziNombies has created over the course of his YouTube career. He’s also created Lego replicas of Reaper’s shotguns, Torbjorn’s turret, Mercy’s staff, and Lucio’s own music gun, so you can check out his YouTube channel and look to see how he makes those impressive model replicas.

ZaziNombies also hasn’t stuck to Overwatch; he’s also made things like the Ace of Spades hand cannon from Destiny, the Buster Sword from Final Fantasy, and the Fury’s Song knife from Call of Duty: Black Ops 3. All of this and more can be seen on his channel; after all, he focuses on Lego constructs.

So, you can see the video of his Junkrat rip tire replica further up the page, and be sure to look on his YouTube channel for others!