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Xbox One X Only Downloads 4K Assets Regardless Of The Display

Microsoft revealed its 4K console, Xbox One X, at its E3 2017 press conference and gamers are excited to see what the console van bring to the game industry. Microsoft has specifically said that the console is designed for 4K, however, the majority of gamers do not even own a 4K TV or display for gaming.

But, Microsoft is persistent on its promise of 4K gaming and now the company has revealed that the console will only download 4K assets for its games regardless of the display and Xbox One S will download the standard 1080p assets. Speaking with Stevivor, a Microsoft rep confirmed it.

This means, regardless of the TV you are playing on, 4K assets will be downloaded to Xbox One X (if available) and the standard 1080p assets will be downloaded to an Xbox One S.

However, there is one major downside to this as downloading only the 4K assets will significantly increase the game’s download size like Forza 7 will be 100 GB on Xbox one X. According to Microsoft, there are dev tools that will optimize the download for the console and will make it more efficient.

As part our developer readiness for Xbox One X, we have made available a feature which will give them significant flexibility when it comes to what gets installed on a user’s console. In addition to 4K specific assets, developers have options when it comes to language specific assets as well, which depending on the title, can drastically reduce the install footprint. This ability to intelligently install the best assets for each console and language are available on all Xbox One devices, and it will be up to the developer of the game to determine the specific implementation.

Do you think Microsoft would let the users choose at which resolution they want to play the game on or Microsoft has made the right decision with forcing 4K? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Stevivor