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Warframe Harrow Event Brings New Warframe, New Missions, New Weapons

A new event, the Warframe Harrow event, has been announced to be coming to Warframe. With it will come a brand new Tenno suit, Harrow, who specializes in boosting their own defenses and helping to buff their allies through its multiple abilities. There will also be new weapons, new enemies, and new maps.

The new enemy is a new Grineer unit, known as the Nox. Nox, as part of a special Grineer bioweapon unit, makes use of various toxic slimes that attach themselves to enemies before exploding. Players can take down Nox easier by targeting their helmets and shooting them, exposing them to the world outside their pressurized suit.

There’s also going to be a new gun in the Warframe Harrow event, the Knell. Scoring a headshot with Knell allows players to turn the gun into a rapid-firing, critical-hitting machine gun that also uses no ammunition, so if you can keep getting headshots you can mow down hordes of enemies again and again.

Another weapon that comes with the event includes the Scourge, a scepter that can shoot at your enemies with corrosive plasma. Or, you could throw the scepter and have it project an energy field that attracts bullets to the heads of enemies, so you don’t even have to aim.

All of this and more will be available through the Chains of Harrow event, the event that will introduce the Harrow suit. In the event, players will have to travel to an abandoned ship near the Earth, with its entire crew slaughtered. Players will have to find the culprit, and stop whatever is happening.

The new Warframe Harrow event will be kicking off next week, so if you’re a Warframe fan you don’t have much longer to wait before the event drops and you can pick up a new Tenno suit with new abilities.