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Reggie Fils-Amie Says More Wii U Re-Releases May Be Coming Soon

Reggie Fils-Amie, the president of Nintendo America, has told fans that more Wii U re-releases of games from their last-gen Nintendo console will likely be coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. While he didn’t give any specifics, the potential for what games could come to the Switch is enormous.

Despite the Wii U being a major financial disappointment, it did get a lot of good games on it that many people would want to see on the Nintendo Switch. While Mario Kart 8 and Pokken Tournament have already made the jump since the Switch released in April, there are a wide variety of other games that can also make the trip.

Such Wii U re-releases may include the most recent Super Smash Bros game, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD and The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Hyrule Warriors, and more.

Since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the best-selling Switch games so far and got critical acclaim, porting more Zelda as part of the Wii U games might make Zelda even more popular for people who’ve never played it.

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have the Virtual Console yet (and there’s no indication of when that function will actually be added to the console), so games that were originally released on the Wii U might be one of the best options for people to play until the Virtual Console comes along.

In the meantime, at least the Wii U re-releases that are likely to come to the Nintendo Switch are going to be some of their best and most profitable. Considering how popular the Switch has been so far, and how popular one of their first re-releases, Mario Kart 8, has been, the possibility of more Wii U re-releases is a sweet prospect indeed.