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Nintendo’s SNES Classic Confirmed, Releases September 29

Nintendo has finally confirmed the existence of the SNES Classic, an upgrade of the NES Classic that came out last year and recently was discontinued due to supply issues earlier this year. The SNES version has been hinted at for a good while now, but now we finally have official confirmation.

The Classic remake of the SNES will be similar to the NES Classic, being a more compact version of the SNES console. It will have 21 different games built into it for owners to play, making it portable and able to be played immediately. Hopefully this time Nintendo will be making enough to keep up with demand, instead of what happened with the NES Classic.

The SNES Classic will have 21 games installed on it when it launches, nine less than the NES Classic, which had 30 games on it to start with. These games include a variety of classics such as Earthbound, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past, Super Mario RPG, Secret of Mana, and Final Fantasy III.

While a notable absence from the games list includes Chrono Trigger, there are still a ton of other amazing games that gamers will be able to play when they pick up the console. And the ones that were just listed aren’t even the only ones, so you can expect a bunch of others when the SNES Classic actually comes out.

There’s even going to be a previously-unreleased game, Star Fox 2. Originally intended to be released in 1995, the game was unceremoniously cancelled and so never saw the light of day.

Considering how many problems the original NES Classic console had when it first came out, with a large amount of supply difficulties that happened despite over two million sales, hopefully Nintendo will make enough of the SNES Classic to be able to keep up with at least most of the demand.