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New Phantom Dust Update Comes After Game Gets One Million Players

A new Phantom Dust update has been released in the aftermath of the game getting an unprecedented one million downloads, more than seventeen times what the original game got (around 56,000 copies in both Japan and America combined). The update will be adding a number of quality-of-life improvements to the game.

The Phantom Dust remake that has experienced such success came out in May, as a passion project by Microsoft. The game was released for free, and its positive reviews got a lot of players interested in it (along with the fact that it was made available for free.)

While it’s not the remake that was promised at E3 2014, the fact that a cult classic is getting a lot of love is definitely something to celebrate.

The Phantom Dust update includes a new way for players to earn skills, voice chat, an NPC mission guide, optimized performance options, fixed an issue for the PC version, and more.

To start with, the new way to earn skills is through a daily skill reward system. Players will be getting one new skill out of the game’s 75 a day, a much better (and faster!) system than the normal one where you would get a random new skill once every 30 matches (with no weighting towards skills you didn’t already have, meaning you could get duplicate skills). While it’ll still take you 11 weeks to get every skill, at least you don’t have to grind.

There’s still one lingering issue with the Phantom Dust update despite all of the other improvements, where if you disconnect a chat device from your controller while playing (say unplugging your headset) the game will stop taking controller inputs. The obvious workaround is to be careful and not unplug chat stuff.

The Phantom Dust remastering is exclusively for the Xbox One and PC.