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Destiny 2 Story Will Actually Be A Followable Narrative, Says Luke Smith

Luke Smith, the director of Destiny for Bungie, gave some insight recently into the Destiny 2 story; mostly, giving out the fact that it will actually be a coherent, followable narrative. However, there will also be more stories besides the main one that will play out during the game’s length.

The original Destiny game was heavily criticized for its story, as players often weren’t told why their objective was important and the narrative was often jumbled, with no real explanation about anything. The story also jumped around a great deal, as the expansions brought new threats forward that were somehow worse than what had come before.

When players are dealing with multiple gods of the Hive, the Fallen turning themselves into cyborgs, a new Fallen House running amok, and more like those, the Destiny 2 story will likely come as a breath of fresh air. In this story there is only one threat, the invasion of the Red Legion led by the Cabal warlord Ghaul.

Ghaul launches a surprise attack on the Last City at the start of the game, driving the Guardians out and suppressing their abilities by doing something to the Traveler. Players will have to track down Zavala, Ikora, and Cayde-6 in order to rally for a counterattack, while also finding ways to restore their Light.

There will be other stories as well, which deal with the individual alien races on each of the visitable planets in Destiny 2. While they won’t tie into the Red War storyline, they will also be their own narrative that players can follow in addition to the main story.

Hopefully the Destiny 2 story will be able to actually make sense when the game comes out on September 3, because with the disappointment that the original Destiny’s story was, Bungie has their work cut out for them.