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Pillars Of Eternity Console Port Coming to Xbox One and Playstation 4

A Pillars of Eternity console port is going to be coming to the Xbox One and Playstation 4, bringing Obsidian Entertainment’s isometric RPG to consoles instead of just PC. Pillars of Eternity is the first game developed by Obsidian in several years, and was crowdfunded via Kickstarter on its release.

The port was announced at E3 through a trailer, and will be delivering Pillars of Eternity to the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 for the first time since it was released in 2015.

Pillars of Eternity tells the story of a person known as the Watcher, who through a magical accident is able to see the souls of the dead and manipulate them as they like. Now the Watcher, and a group of companions, must save the land of Dyrwood from a dreadful curse and an unseen threat.

The game won critical acclaim, and with nearly 80 hours of content (the base game along with two DLC packs collectively known as the White March) there’s a lot to do in it. So, if you’ve been looking for a new RPG to play and are in the mood for an old-style narrative one, the Pillars of Eternity console port may be for you.

Obsidian Entertainment also recently had a Kickstarter for the game’s sequel, so if you buy the game and end up liking it, who knows? You may end up finishing it just in time for the sequel to release. Or, you can also pick up Tyranny, where you serve as the official of Kyros the Overlord, who has conquered the entire world.

Either way, if an RPG game made by the same people that worked on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords (except this time the game is actually finished), pick up the Pillars of Eternity console port when it comes out on August 15 for the Playstation 4 (with the Xbox One port already available).