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New PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Maps Take Us To Another Island, Desert

Two new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds maps have been revealed to the fanbase. The two new maps will take us away from our good old eight-by-eight kilometer Battle Royale simulator island and onto not only another island, but to a city in the middle of the desert, meaning we’ll finally get some variety.

Various other modes such as a single-player mode and a zombie mode have also been announced previously, so we’ll likely have new modes to go with the new maps.

The first of the new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds maps that we’ll be going to is an island in the Adriatic Sea, the stretch of water that’s between Italy and the Balkans to the east. The island is a very irregular sort of place; rather than the mostly urbanized and lightly forested island of the original map, the island here has thick forests to the north, coasts on the south side, and mountains in the center.

This means that the island has a lot of different areas to both explore and hide in, and plenty of new places for you to either attack someone from or be attacked over the course of a game. However, the second map is almost the complete opposite of the first map.

The second of the new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds maps takes place in a four-by-four desert city, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there are fewer places to hide in the area. The southern and east areas of the city have a river running through a canyon, with small villages and hillside slums to the north.

With all of the buildings that are in a city, even abandoned and ruined, there are going to be a lot of places to hide in this area, along with the other map in the Adriatic. But it’s up to players to plan their strategies before they drop into the maps, whether they’ll hide in the city and its buildings or try to get to a more isolated area.

We don’t know when the new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds maps will be coming to the game, but hopefully they’ll bring some variety to the game when they do. Battlegrounds will also be coming to the Xbox One later this year.