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Intel Core X Performance Depends On The Motherboard That You Opt For?

The Intel Core X series CPUs are based on the Skylake-X architecture, at least the ones that we have seen so far. Later on, we will be getting Kaby Lake-X CPUs as well but what about Intel Core X performance? Here we have some benchmarks that show very inconsistent numbers.

Intel Core X performance numbers seem to change depending on the motherboard that you are using. Tom’s Hardware tested a single chip with multiple motherboards and found varied Intel Core X performance when using a different motherboard. This is very odd indeed.

The Intel i9-7900X has been tested using different motherboards and the numbers are different as you can see here. It has been tested using the Asus Prime as well as the X299 Gaming Pro Carbon. You can check out the 3D Mark Firestrike benchmark below:

Intel Core X Performance

Not only are the combined scores different, but the individual scores are pretty far from one another as well. You would expect to get similar levels of performance from these CPUs no matter which motherboard you use.

Somehow the X299 Gaming helps Intel Core X performance and the overall score is much higher as compared to the Asus motherboard tested here. This does not stop here. We also have a Cinebench R15 benchmark that shows variations as well.

The chip manages to scores higher in the single core rendering test using the Asus motherboard but all other tests were in favor of the X299 Gaming. This is very interesting. All this might change with a BIOS update but we do not know what the actual problem here is.

If you were looking forward to buying an Intel i9-7900X then you might want to hold off on that for a little longer.

Let us know what you think about these Intel Core X performance numbers.