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Xbox Owners Will Once Again Be Able To Have Xbox LAN Parties Soon

Back in the early days of console gaming, LAN parties were one of the main ways for people to be able to play with one another on multiple consoles. Now, Xbox LAN parties may be making a return according to Xbox’s Head of Marketing, Albert Penello, through an iJustine interview.

LAN parties, for you young’uns out there, are a method of playing where a number of gamers, each with their own individual console, would connect all of them to make their own personalized network so that everyone could play together. It was something that happened a lot before services like Xbox Live and Playstation Plus became prominent, and it may be making a return.

The ability to have LAN parties on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the original Xbox would definitely be a blast of nostalgia for many gamers, and it’s all possible thanks to a large number of original Xbox games coming to the Xbox One backwards compatibility program.

Since there were a large number of original Xbox games that were already backwards compatible with the Xbox 360 (the fact that the same didn’t apply to the Xbox One when it was announced was a major sticking point with a lot of fans), all that Xbox gamers would have to do to engage in Xbox LAN parties would be to find a game that all three consoles can run in order to get it to work.

There’s still no confirmed list about what original Xbox games will be available on the Xbox One backwards compatibility program, but we do know of at least one, Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge.

Microsoft will likely announce other games in the coming months, so hopefully soon Xbox LAN parties will be something that gamers can do to hang out with their friends again.